The Ever Present Winstons Continued

Let me add a little more to the Winston to Davidson lines, and then take a little detour over to Wortham/Worsham and Kennon.

Writeli maternal pedigree

As illustrated above, Lucilla Davidson, daughter of Burell Davidson and Artimesia Heard marries Robert Lee Davidson, son of Joseph Davidson and Nancy/Nanny Winston.

We have confirmation of Nancy as the wife of Joseph Davidson through the obituary of their daughter Fannie B Davidson (sister of Robert Lee).

Obituary Fannie B Davidson

While adding the 1880 census for Joseph Davidson and family, I did the standard practice of looking a few pages up and a few pages back.

1880 Census Joseph Davidson

In household 400 we see Joseph and his 2 month old son Robert L Davidson.  There is a servant Addie Winston who is perhaps a relative of Nancy.  Joe and Nancy will go on to have a daughter Mamie, who by 1920 is shown as a divorced woman Mamie Worthham, who is living in her father’s household.  I found the following to be an interesting household when paging forward in the census.

1880 Census Green Wortham

In household 417 is Green Wortham.  Could either of the sons shown, Thomas and Hiram, be the husband of Mamie Davidson?  But remember the Wortham name for that detour we’ll take in a moment.

Now going one page back from Joseph in household 400, we see Burrell Davidson in household 389.

1880 Census Burrell Davidson

Burell and Artimesia (shown as Misha here) will go on to have daughter Lucilla Davidson who will marry Robert Lee Davison the young son in household 400.

Permit me a detour here.  I’ll quote from an email I sent this morning to WriteLi, owner of the tree snippet shown at the top here.


Li Li,
I just experienced a very interesting coincidence that I can’t help but comment on.  As you may remember from our correspondence the match I’m working on with you is from my son’s paternal relatives.  Below is an email I sent yesterday, after being contacted by one of my own personal matches, through my mother Donna Campbell.  Note the names Kennon and Worsham, and then see my note below.
You sent me your pedigree which goes back to Thomas Stovall and Elizabeth Owen.  I’m ccing Shannon Christmas on this as there’s a chance he may be a DNA match to you (Shannon, her 23andme kit is under Danya Parr).
As you and I discussed, my pedigree goes back to Bolling, Stith, Kennon, and Worsham.
My Elizabeth Worsham was married to Richard Kennon; Bartholomew Stovall was an employee of theirs.  I’m attaching information I extracted from an historical novel written by a Bartholomew Stovall descendant.  The book is fiction, with made up conversations etc., but it is based upon real people and places and some proveable facts.
I do not descend from Bartholomew Stovall.  But, I do have an interest in him as his descendants have been a source of information on my Kennon-Worsham branch.
On the link above you’ll find that at least one researcher associates your Thomas Stovall and Elizabeth Owen with Bartholomew and his wife Ann Burton. (Shannon descends from Thomas and Ann).
Remember I mentioned the mystery intersection of my son’s maternal and paternal relatives?  Both the Burton name and the Owen name are important in those lines.  I’ll poke around with your Elizabeth Owen to see if there’s any connection I can find.
Worsham is sometimes shown as Wortham, but same root family in the records of Henrico County, Virginia.  As you know I’m working on where your lines intersect with the lines in my son’s paternal tree.  We have Winstons that go back to Davidsons.  I was pulling in your information on Alex Davidson, shown as mulatto in 1870, and a tax record that shows he was an employee of Elias Davidson.  When looking at the census record and seeing how far apart the two households were (2 pages) I noted one of the names in-between was Jack Kennon.  Interesting coincidence.  I’m continuing on with the Robert Lee Davidson in your tree, who you show as son of Joe Davidson. Joe’s mother was born in Virginia, and both of his wife’s parents were born in Virginia. Joe has a daughter Mamie, by 1920 she’s a divorced woman living with her father by the name of Mamie Wortham.  How interesting to come across these folks after just writing about my connections this weekend.
I expanded on this further in some correspondence to Janeen who knows much of the background and other coincidences in my personal lines and the paternal lines of my son.
Breazeale Kennon Worsham Stith
So I’m continuing on, updating Joseph Davidson, and noticing he had a daughter Agnes. And I think, what an interesting coincidence, I have my Agnes Bolling.  Of course the thought of possible name sakes goes through your mind.  Then my mind explodes with the realization that my Heards go back to Aggie/Agnes Winston, and I think, no frickin’ way.
What do you think, could I be on the trail of that cross over between the lines of my son’s maternal and paternal grandmothers?

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