A Look at the Will of Howell Cobb

In May of 2016 I created an entry I titled, “All my findings are making my head spin”.  I ended that entry with the following words:

A lot of my leads are coming from this set of research:
It’s weird and I can’t explain it…within the first few minutes of beginning to read that page of research, I started crying, I just emotionally knew it was a big find, and I hadn’t even scratched the surface of what it was telling me.
It had gone in to the relationships of the slave-holding families of Chambers County, including Robert Owen, in whose estate papers we found documentation of our Major Bailey.  Among the tangle of families was the Erwin family, and Hezekiah Erwin was listed.  I’m on the verge of what looks to be a BIG breakthrough for our Susan Jackson, and the path that took me there was google searches on Hezekiah Erwin.  I’ll save the BIG news for tomorrow, after I tidy up some of my research, but let me leave a few tidbits here.  Hezekiah Erwin had three wives, first Mary J Winston who passed away in 1844.  He next married Martha Jackson who died soon after the birth of their daughter in 1848.  His third wife was Mary Willis Cobb, a cousin of Martha Jackson as they shared Thomas Reade Rootes as a grandfather.  Martha’s mother was Martha Jaquelin Rootes.  Martha was a widow when she married Henry Jackson.  She had first been married to Howell Cobb.  Let me share a copy of his will.Howell Cobb Will
As I said, I’m working on a BIG find that has to do with this grouping of families.  I was trying to share my enthusiasm with my son earlier.  He’s just not in to genealogy.  Here’s what I shared with some research buddies.
Oh wow! I think I just figured out Susan Jackson in our line. I love my granddaughter, and she gets me. When trying to help her dad appreciate my enthusiasm, she told him, “She just found a 40 pound Hershey Bar!”
For those of you who do share my enthusiasm for this hobby, would you like to come back and share some of my Hershey Bar?


  1. Tracey · June 3, 2017

    Wow great researching Karen Allman


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