In Search of Susan Bailey Pt 1

In Search of Susan Bailey

There’s a lot more i’s to dot and t’s to cross, but I wanted to go ahead and start sharing what has me so excited.  I realize that graphic above is hard to read, but let me do a little explaining.  Basically i’m showing to the left a set of parents, Joseph Erwin and Catherine Cowan, and they go down to two sons I’d like to focus on in the next generation, Hezekiah Erwin and Thomas B Erwin.  The next couple on the top row to the right is Robert E Owen with Mary Polly Kinnebrew, they were married after she had become the widow of William Hicks.

It’s the next row that has energized my research in to Susan Jackson.  As we know, as pictured to the far right in the second row is a grouping that includes Thomas E Owens. We previously followed our Major Bailey through the estate papers of Robert Owen, his son Thomas Owens, and on to Allen L Bailey.  In the middle of the second row we see another child of Robert Owen, daughter Elizabeth Owen, with her husband the aforementioned Thomas B Erwin.  Then working our way left in the second row is Hezekiah Erwin and his wife Martha Jackson.  It is noting this sister in law relationship between Elizabeth and Martha Jackson that has kicked the research in to high gear.  A working theory had been, for Susan and Major to have children together through the late 1850’s and early 1860’s Susan had to be in close proximity, though not on the same plantation as inferred from not seeing her in the same estate papers.

We now had an area to focus on…the Jackson family associated with Hezekiah Erwin through his wife Martha Jackson and her family.

(Before leaving the picture above, let me make note of one other relationship. Hezekiah’s 2nd and 3rd wife (Martha Jackson / Mary Willis Cobb) were granddaughters of Thomas Reade Rootes (1759 – abt. 1812), and therefore cousins.)

Martha’s mother had first married Howell Cobb, and after being widowed married Henry Jackson.

One interesting google brought me to some matters that were brought to the state supreme court regarding the estate of Hezekiah Erwin.  In what I focused in reading the case history, was not be the points that were of interest to the legal scholars, but the people named and their relationships.

Wyche S. Jackson, administrator of Hezekiah F. Erwin, was the son-in-law of George Huguley and brother in law to W. H. Huguley and Reuben Jones. They were at the time of signing the bond all men of wealth.

The condensed version of the matter was the Hezekiah Erwin had an estate that upon a preliminary estimate was valued at $75,000.  It was custom, required by law, for the executor to post a bond of twice that amount, therefore $150,000.  Somehow the original signed bond was for $150.  The question at hand boiled down to was the judge within his powers to amend the bond that was obviously a clerical error, or were the signers not bound by it after this “fix”.

FOR US, the important points were, that was a big estate, and look at all these folks associated with one another, especially the Hughley names that appear to be those we have associated with our Frank Hughley AKA Frank Whitaker, husband of Agnes Winston and father of our Stonewall Whitaker.  It turned out for our genealogical purposes, that Wyche S Jackson could not be directly connected to the wife of Hezikiah, that being Martha Jackson.  But it does establish these folks all had an association and lived in the same community in the same era.  Perhaps we should note Hezekiah’s first wife was Mary Winston with a possible association Stonewall Winston, but that had been covered in a previous blog.

Next, on to examining who exactly were the family associated with Martha Jackson, wife of Hezekiah Erwin?






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